Unless you have purchased merchandise online from us since July 2016, you won't have an active account so you will need to create a new one. To do this please complete the following steps:

Hover over the person icon on the top right of the homepage and click SIGN IN/REGISTER.

Select, New Customer on the page

Fill in all required details and click continue

Fill in your billing address and click continue

Fill in your delivery address and click continue

Select your delivery address and click continue

Select one of the postage options and click continue

Review your order and click checkout to complete your order.

Please note, during the registration process, it will ask you for your customer reference number. This is your Fan Id number that relates to the ticketing system at the club and can be found on your match tickets/membership card. Full details of this and how to obtain it can be found here. It is only necessary if you are a season ticket holder or Iron Member and are entitled to a discount.

If you have a question about logging in or an order you have placed, please contact